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Heathen Devotional Art Project Seeks Submissions

Please Circulate Widely:

The Gods are Everywhere if only you look for Them.

The 30-Day Altar Project is seeking contributions. The goal is to create an international cross-representational series of altars displayed in public places all over the world dedicated to Norse/Germanic Gods and Elemental Deities. This will eventually be web based and viewable to all.

How it works. Focus on one trait or aspect of one of the Norse Gods or Elemental Deities that applies to or is needed in your life at the moment. Meditate on this charachteristic and God for a minimum for five minutes a day for thirty days. During this time, look around you for items you find in your day to day life that symbollize this charachteristic. Items used may be found, owned, or given and the only limits are your creativity. If you must buy something, it should be of nominal cost (less than about $10 USD). Collect the items. At the end of the 30 day period, you will install an altar in a public place of your choosing. Photographs and interviews will be shared on our pending website.

Anyone can do this. You don't need to be an artist. Challenge your kindred to all give it a go, involve your older kids and teens, post to your regional elists, print out this post and put it up in a local pagan shop or pass out at your next religious gathering. Forward this to all of your Northern Tradition friends. The idea is that it is diverse and represents a wide range of people's experiences living Heathen faith, so that we may enrich one another and give thought to the way that the Gods are part of our everyday lives.

Check the below site for submission guidelines.

Feel free to friend this account to your blog, as the blog will be used to announce project updates and additions.

Please direct any questions to

Thank You
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