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temple_of_hel is Up & Running


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to those who might be interested that the web domain for the 30 Day Altar Project is up and running (at about 80% live) at

The 30 Day Altar Project is a devotional art experiment dedicated to the Northern Gods & Elemental Deities. The way it works is that every contributor spends a few minutes every day meditating on a deity and one aspect of their influence and then looks around and collects owned, given, found, or nominal cost items that make up the items that will go on an altar to be erected in a public place. At the end of the 30 day period, the altar is set up, photos are taken, and the contributor records their experiences. Its both a creative and spiritual exercise, and by seeing others' altars it teaches us how others view the high ones. The project is intended to be international in scope, so if you don't see your country represented, please think about doing a piece. One of the goals is to increase mindfulness in worship and to expand practitioners' understanding of the High Ones through art. From July 2007-July 2008 altars to the Northern Gods will be erected in public all over the world.

We are actively seeking submissions from those who work with and honor the Gods of the North. All of the information for submitting projects can be found on the website or on our blog at

A bunch of projects have been promised and the site will be updated frequently. Please set your bookmarks and check back often. The project is intended to represent a diversity of belief and is not relegated to the Heathen community.
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