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Temple of Hel
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The Temple of Hel was formed for the purpose of encouraging women to embrace darkness within, liberate and educate themselves, as well as sharing and learning with fellow Sisters of Darkness.

The Temple of Hel is made up of women of the Left Hand Path. Some of honor the Dark Goddess while incorporating aspects of Pagan, Discordian, and Satanic philosophies.

Our main focus is that of the divinity within and constantly cultivating a life that would allow for the best relationship of the internal divinity and the physical being.

Since we recognize the divinity within, we strive to live a life that is worthy of goddesshood. We recognize that when we are true to our will, we are blameless, although others may not see it this way. It is this understanding that seperates the LHP practitioners actions from those that are not living as a goddess.

Most of us do not accept the notion of divine retribution, the 3-Fold Law, and all similar concepts. Rather, we recognize that we have the ability to control conditions in accordance to Natural Law producing effects in relation to our will. We understand that the effects are subjective to our perception of the physical and spiritual worlds, which are relative to the experiences of the LHP practitioner.

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The Temple of Hel

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